At DOCALSA, we have highly qualified and experienced engineers and technical personnel in the area of drilling and blasting, which, together with our instrumentation equipment and specialized software, allow us to offer analysis of measurement results, design, control and optimization in our operations, guaranteeing quality, precision and safety services.


We have a wide variety of hydraulic drilling equipment of different capacities, among which are: • Overhead hammer drills, 3" to 4 1⁄2" ranges.
• Down-the-hole and rotary hammer drills (tricone), 5 1/8" to 10 1⁄2" ranges.

In models such as Sandvick, Everning Rhino, Atlas Copco and Soosan, capable of meeting the highest demands in excavation or benching operations, (subway or open pit).

We are specialists in drilling for:
• Blasting
• Anchoring
• Foundation pilots
• Drains
• Foundations


Our services are framed in compliance with safety and environmental conservation standards, seeking quality in the firing and efficiency of operations.

Blasting services include:

• For the exploitation of mines or quarries
• Construction or remodeling of roads, highways and dams
• Demolitions (bridges, concrete structures)
• Trench excavations
• Leveling
• Foundations
• Slope finishing
• Controlled with Blastings Mats or Blasting Mats

• In the construction of tunnels and chimneys for mining and dam projects
• In mineral banks

• Excavation for the construction of marinas, artificial lakes and docks

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